Group Vision Insurance


Study shows a 127% return on investment with Vision Care.


An investment in VSP vision coverage can lower overall healthcare and human capital costs by providing early detection for signs of common diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension. A recent Human Capital Management Services (HCMS) study showed that early detection of signs of chronic conditions by VSP Preferred Providers led to improved patient health and decreased employers’ medical and human capital costs.

The study showed:

  1. 127% ROI:
    For every initial $1 invested in VSP exam services, clients can expect an average two-year total return of $1.27 through avoided medical costs and improved human capital performance.
  2. Early detection:
    VSP providers detected signs of certain chronic conditions before any other healthcare provider recorded the condition—65% of the time for high cholesterol, 20% of the time for diabetes, and 30% of the time for hypertension.
  3. Many Americans affected:
    More than 43% of the individuals in the extensive HCMS study have diabetes, high cholesterol, or hypertension — all diseases VSP providers are able to identify signs of before any other healthcare provider.
  4. Additional benefits:
    VSP early detection patients entered the healthcare system with fewer complications and co-morbidities, and experienced lower rates of inpatient admissions and emergency room visits. Benefits also included savings on human capital costs, such as lower turnover rates.


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